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  N. Alaei BA AIL - Linguist   Member of IOL (INSTITUTE OF LINGUISTS) UK


Bilingual Translator/Interpreter - Language Tutor

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English to Farsi (Persian) Translation

Farsi - Engllish Translator Interpreter London

Farsi (persian) and English Dubbing

Farsi (persian) and English Voice-Over

Farsi(persian) - English Narrator and Presenter

With many years of experience in teaching and translation of languages
in fields such as administrative, commercial, literature, journalistic, political and legal, available to work with you

Other Translation Subjects:

Human Rights, International Law, Auto-mechanic, Aeromechanic, Legal, Court Services, and business to business translation & interpreting

Consecutive interpreting in legal and political and
administrative-commercial subjects/ business to business fields

Experience in translation & interpreting in court

Immediate translation and interpreting

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